Retractable Pen Holder Leash from Better Labz 2
EZ Pen Retractable Pen Reel

Not Your Ordinary Pen Reel

Designed for those with a special pen in their lives.

Hold most pens, pencils and markers within 0.5″ making it a perfect for the professional work environment.

No more searching for your pen when you need it the most.

With automatic stop!

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I am a healthcare worker and I saw this on amazon. I am always losing my freaking pens when working. Sometimes patients even steal my pens. So with this, I know I will have my pen on me at all times. Works great and will be telling my friends about this!!!

Bruce Guu/Amazon

Love it

I work in retail and I can’t remember how many pens I already lost. Since I keyhold, it helps a lot to have a pen handy everytime I need to sign something. I used it tonight and I am so happy I bought this item. It surely helped me a lot!

Lenne B./Etsy

Super Durable

I got this thinking it would be like the Pullpencil, but I was totally blown away by the quality of the grip. It doesn’t even compare, I think the reel will break waaay before the grip. Which is good. Happy with my purchase. And it was able to fit a carpenters pencil.

Lu R/Etsy

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