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EZ Pen Retractable Pen Reel 2.0


Designed for those with a special pen in their lives.

Hold most pens, pencils and markers within 0.5″ making it a perfect for the professional work environment.

No more searching for your pen when you need it the most.

With automatic stop!

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I am a healthcare worker and I saw this on amazon. I am always losing my freaking pens when working. Sometimes patients even steal my pens. So with this, I know I will have my pen on me at all times. Works great and will be telling my friends about this!!!

Bruce Guu/Amazon

Love it

I work in retail and I can’t remember how many pens I already lost. Since I keyhold, it helps a lot to have a pen handy everytime I need to sign something. I used it tonight and I am so happy I bought this item. It surely helped me a lot!

Lenne B./Etsy

Super Durable

I got this thinking it would be like the Pullpencil, but I was totally blown away by the quality of the grip. It doesn’t even compare, I think the reel will break waaay before the grip. Which is good. Happy with my purchase. And it was able to fit a carpenters pencil.

Lu R/Etsy

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Stick-O Pen

Magnetic Pen Holder

Keep a pen handy at all times, stick ’em your fridge, stick ’em to the hood range, stick ’em on any metal surface.

Hold most pens, pencils and markers within 0.5″ without a proiblem.

Scratch Free technology

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Stick-O Pen Magnetic Pen Holder Web
Nurse Report Sheets Brain Sheets for Nurses
Nurse Report Sheets

Everything you need to speed up the end of shift


Carefully design for with neatness and organization in mind.  

Features Vital Information, Labs and Common Findings for Report.



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