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Retractable Pens Reels Automatic vs Non-Stop

Retractable Pen Reel, Pen Holder Leash

Retractable Pen Reels are a thing now and they and they’re here to stay. Whether you’re in the reduce waste team, reduce wasteful spending for your company or work smarter not herded team. There’s no denying that there’s an actual and real need for pen reels.   Let’s talk about the reduce waste team. On […]

Check-In Ready Travel Box with Handle

Check-in ready Travel Box with Handle

They exist! It can be time-consuming and challenging to work out all of the details of travel. Packing for traveling can be a headache. Airlines have many rules and regulations when it comes to what can be taken on a plane, either checked-in or taken carry on. Subsequently, it can take a lot of time […]

Horizontal Vs Vertical

Horizontal VS Vertical

The EZ Pen is horizontal by design. When we set out to design the ultimate pen, pencil and sharpie holder, we wanted to make something awesome for those who seriously need a pen, pencil or market in their daily lives. Looking for your writing savior, when you need it the most is something we can […]

I don’t want you to slow down.

Ez Pen for Hospitals

Nurse Whatever it is that is dominant in your day today, one thing is for certain: lose one damn pen and the momentum that you have been doing since the start of the day will come to a stop. Let’s face it. The workplace is like a VOID that sucks every single pen that is […]