How to NOT lose your pen

How not to lose your pen

Instead of going to WikiHow, here are five practical tips on how to NOT lose your pen.

Losing your pen can be quite distressing, especially when you have a full day ahead of you. If your favorite pen attracts sticky fingers, it might go missing within a short time. The hacks in this article will show you how not to lose your pen, so it’s always available for any task you have planned.

1 Wear A Branded Lanyard

If you run your own small business, a branded lanyard helps to advertise your services whenever other people see you. It also keeps your pen close at hand when you wear it around your neck. Black lanyards fit with almost any outfit but you can have lanyards in every color or in different materials, to suit various settings.

Several companies already supply their entire team with lanyards for this purpose. If yours doesn’t, you can suggest that they do. If you’re having an expo, lanyards are likely to be given out to all attendees as well. Some pens also come with lanyards for your convenience.

2 Make Your Pen Unique

Pens that are unique are a little harder to lose. If a colleague uses your pen to take a quick note, they’re less likely to forget that it’s not one of their own pens, if it’s been customized in unusual ways. It’s fairly easy t do this with stickers and art tape. Even adhesive gemstones can be attached to your pen.

If you like customization but prefer a less colorful look, consider having your pen engraved. This is definitely worth it if you have bought a pen that will last a very long time. You can engrave it with your name or your initials. If you feel that gives too much information away, add a favorite verse or a code that only you know.

3 Get A Pen with A Locator

Some pens come with a locator built-in. This makes it easy to track your pen down if it gets misplaced accidentally or intentionally. By utilizing the power of Bluetooth technology, it tells you the time and date that your pen was last spotted and its location at that point.

These pens work with an app on your phone. If your pen gets separated from you, an alert will be sent to your phone immediately, so you can retrieve it before it gets too far.

With pens like these, you can find yours if it’s within 100 meters from you. After that, it may be difficult to get it back. The tracking features work even when your phone is on silent. Of course, this method only works with pens that have the technology. and it’s not as affordable, well maybe a little more than not affordable. But they do exist. Check out our friends at for more on that.

Keep in mind, that you do need to pull out your phone to find your pen.

4 Use A Magnetic Pen Holder (one of our own 😉)

Magnetic pen holders make it easy for you to place your pen where you can easily spot it. Stick it on your commercial refrigerator in a busy café or restaurant, a filing cabinet in your office or any other metal surface. It fits all pens, markers and brushes that are up to 0.5 inches wide, making it a handy tool for everyone from artists to accountants.

The Stick-O-Pen Magnetic pen holders come in packs of five and each holder is in a different color. You can pick a vibrant red or sunny yellow to complement the activities you have planned for each day. It’s made from silicone and is BPA free, helping you to keep your space organized without being exposed to toxins.

5 Use A Retractable Pen Leash(another one of our own 🤯)

As you may realize by now, not losing pens is kinda our thing.

If you’re a teacher, carpenter or waitress, your pen is probably an essential part of your job. However, you need a method of keeping it close to you, that’s smooth and prevents unnecessary inconvenience. The heavy-duty grip on this gadget makes it easy to keep your whiteboard markers close at hand as well.

The Retractable Pen leash from EZ Pen allows your pen to be extended up to 32 inches from your body. When you’ve finished marking a student’s paper, the pen retracts, with the leash being stored securely on a small reel.

The pen leash can be attached to the pocket of your scrubs, making it easy to locate your pen when you’re updating patient records. It’s also washable, so it’s ideal for professionals who work in hospitals and other environments where frequent sanitization is necessary.

One last thing, NO ONE will want to ask or borrow your pen.