Retractable Pens Reels Automatic vs Non-Stop

Retractable Pen Reel, Pen Holder Leash

Retractable Pen Reels are a thing now and they and they’re here to stay. Whether you’re in the reduce waste team, reduce wasteful spending for your company or work smarter not herded team. There’s no denying that there’s an actual and real need for pen reels.  

Let’s talk about the reduce waste team.

On average one Ez Pen Reel pays for itself on the second or third pen you use on it and you’ll be saving the environment as well. Although we cannot beyond any shadow of a doubt guarantee that an Ez Pen will last you 5-6 reloads, we can say that using a pen, pencil, or marker through and through it’s a good thing. Rather than misplacing that costly pen, and having to buy another one just so your day at work goes back to what it should be.

While losing your pen might be a profitable business for large pen companies, is not all that ideal for our environment. According to the EPA, over 1.6 Billion pens get sent to landfills each year and one can safely assume that most of them aren’t used all the way through.

Think about, before Pen reels, when was the last time you finished a pen? If you’re currently answering this question with, “What are you talking about? I always finish my pens.” Congratulations you’re a rare specimen and we need more people like you. But if you’re like the great majority, you’ve lost plenty of pens. Some are nice, and some are meant to be “disposable.”

Waste is waste, and whether in pens or pen reels throwing something away that breaks easily is not the business we’re in. That’s why we take a great deal of care in making our reel NOT disposable. We want your Ez Pen Reels to last you as long as possible, which is why we use premium materials and as eco-friendly materials as possible on every reel.  This may not be the case with other pen reels out there.

Not everything lasts forever, and everything has a limit over how many times it can be used, but if you get it from us, you can be sure that we’re trying to give you quality over quantity.

Now, for the work smarter not harder.

These are the folk who take their work seriously, and who say no to setbacks. For them, not having a pen when they need is a frustrating experience. This single action of looking for a pen in your pocket and not finding one is enough to irk someone out of having a good day.

If you use a pen, pencil, or marker as part of your work is important to have it without. Slowing down is not the business you’re in, not worrying about where you put your pen is.

There’s no website I can point you to on how much time is wasted looking for pens, but I’d imagine if there was the number would be surprisingly high.

Did I leave the pen in the other room? Did it fall? How about the drawer? No, I don’t remember using it on that floor.

Sadly, sometimes the easiest solution to a missing pen is simply replacing it with a new one. Which let me remind you contributes to the 1.6 Billion wasted pens a year.

It’s also in this team that we find a fork in the road when it comes to the mechanical properties of the reel.

When we first launched our Ez Pen, we did it with an automatic stop. We thought that it would benefit those who were trying to write long sentences not to have a constant pull of the reel. For the most part, we were right. Those who actually have to wright, rather than simply check things off do like the automatic stop on the reel. We were doing great until we went mainstream and started competing with other Pen Holders. This is where the main problem lies. Most who have had a different Pen Reel before trying our Ez Pen were under the impression that the reel was supposed to be smooth in and smooth out. Otherwise, be a non-stop. And when most of these users got their hands on an Ez Pen trying to find something that wouldn’t break as fast, the first thing they did was either return the product or give us a one-star review claiming that it didn’t retract.

It was a total nightmare. No matter how clearly we tried to explain it, no matter how much we tried showing people how it worked, to them (those who wanted a non-stop) the product was defective. Even though we would check every single Pen Reel before sending it out. We couldn’t win them.  

So, we did away with the Automatic stop and launched the Non-stop Ez Pen. Right away the bad reviews calmed down and we thought we had hit the nail in the head. But we were wrong. Very wrong, a few months after launching the Non-stop one-star reviews began to come in once again, but this time it was people not liking the non-stop and wanting the automatic stop back.

This got us really confused, but only for a little while as we decided to bring the Ez Pen with Automatic Stop back, but with a few modifications. For now, that’s all we can say before we relaunch later this year. But please do know that we are trying our best to give you the best.

We understand that not everyone has the same preference and that there are certain aspects to be appreciated from both mechanisms.

Both Non-Stop and Automatic Stop Ez Pen Reels are available now!


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